Hip Hop Domination is a Hip Hop sample pack kit from the Sounds in HD crew at The Producers Choice. Tama and Pearl drums were recorded into Protools using Audix D series mics, Avalon 737sp analog tube channel strip. With a focus on the ‘sweet spot frequencies’ to allow the drums to cut through the mix with ease, this kit comes mixed to absolute perfection.

All in all, there are 330 Drum Samples in 16-bit WAV Format – Ready to use in Maschine, Logic, Fl Studio, Reason and any DAW that uses WAV files.




75 Punchy Bass/Kick Drum Samples

They pushed the ‘magic’ 60HZ frequency range so these kicks punch through dense mixes with ease. Each transient has been designed to perfection for punchy, sweet sounding kicks.

• 83 Snare Drums & Rimshots

Real acoustic snare samples with just the right amount of analog distortion, then added huge body by pushing the 125HZ frequency range. The end result is beautiful sounding, warm snare sounds that will bring a smile to your face.

 81 Hi-Hat & Cymbal Samples

Experimental recording techniques, recorded in several drum rooms and other locations add a nice tone to these unique, bright hi-hats & cymbals.

• 47 Enormous Clap Samples

Well produced claps with plenty of body and punch, and layered up various elements to bring you the biggest claps you’ve ever laid ears on!

• 52 Percussion & Various Samples

Clear and natural recordings let the original sound shine through. Also included are tom drum recordings – ideal for high drum fills.


No expense was spared drumming the recording and processing of this drum sample library. You will not find warmer, punchier drums anywhere else.

More Info & Download

Also part of The Producers Choice’s Maschine kits – Bundle.

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  1. Grace


    This sounds like a fun pack I can get for my husband who’s really into making music on his piano keyboard. I think these sounds will compliment his playing very well.

    Appreciate you putting this together. 🙂

    • Greg


      Hi Grace,
      Thanks for the comment.

      I know he’ll love these sample packs.


  2. Lindsey


    I’m really into drumming and this seems like a really good pack! There are so many cool features! I’m definitely going to look into this a little more.

  3. Azima jannat


    I have visited your post that you have described on your website. thank you so much for this best idea

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