Maschine users rejoice!

Below are 2 of the best Maschine sample pack bundles in the universe.

The Producers Choice is best known for their Hip Hop & Electronic Sounds Libraries while The Loop Loft have some of the best acoustic drum loops and kits.

1. Get ALL The Producers Choice’s  Maschine kits – in one bundle.

Introducing the best Maschine Hip Hop Kits. Includes ALL the Maschine ready kits they ever released – Over 2GB all packed into one bundle!

Here’s what you get in this top Maschine kits bundle:

336 Drumkit Volume 2 By Sean Divine

This sample pack is sampled from weird and unique sources like door slams, vintage synths, 1930’s grand piano, washing machine doors, kitchen sink faucet, jingling car keys, mallets on yoga balls, creaky floor boards, & more. 10 ready to go kits for your Maschine.

Organic Drum Kit

Organic Drums 22 Maschine Kits Over 1000 Samples + Loops

Hip Hop Domination

330 Drum Samples. Tama and Pearl drums were recorded into Protools using Audix D series mics, Avalon 737sp analog tube channel strip. With a focus on the ‘sweet spot frequencies’ to allow the drums to cut through the mix with ease, this kit comes mixed to absolute perfection.

Urban Heat Drum Library

This is the kit that ALL the biggest producers in the game are using right now. Hitmaker Cardiak calls the Urban Heat kit “Amazing” – but we want you to see for yourself…

Survival Drum Kit

100% Unique – hand crafted from scratch to bring you a totally new, fresh sound to your production arsenal. No reused, filler sounds. Crisp, clean drum samples – that ‘hit’ sound you come to expect only from The Producers Choice

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2. The Loop Loft Bundle

The Loop Loft have bundled all 23 of their MASCHINE Kits, giving you instant access to these incredible custom libraries that include blues, indie rock, Brazilian percussion, cinematic hits, brushes, jazz drums, slide guitar and more. If you’re a serious MASCHINE user looking for incredible kits that will take your productions to the next level, then this is the bundle for you!

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    • Greg


      Click on the Download Today link within the blog post for whatever bundle you want to get.

  1. Chris


    The total of 30 gig would be pretty useful to me but what are the royalty settings on these – so many of these packs these days have fine print catches that you don’t notice until after you’ve completed the song! Also, are they Acidized for Sony Acid or do they strictly aim at basic WAV setups?

    • Greg


      While each company has their own license agreement, both The Loop Loft and The Producers Choice have a non-exclusive license agreement. In short, that means you can use the samples for commercial works, but can’t sell the loops and sounds themselves in your own sample packs.

      Here’s a link to The Loop Loft terms.

      And a Link to The Producers Choice FAQ

      I would recommend contacting them as I can’t speak on their behalf.

      As far as the file formats, each sample pack comes in many formats, and most come in wav format, meaning they are fit for use in almost any major music software or workstation.

      Being that this a site about Maschine Kits & Maschine expansion packs, is only posting about sample packs for Maschine. That being said, other formats may or may not be available. The samples listed above in this blog post are available in other formats.

  2. Vertical Veloxity


    Oh wow! As a creative person and music lovers I am very excited about product like this.

    I plan on going more into music one day and I want to start this year on my skills. I want to have my own record label.
    I bet this is great for djs as well is that right?

  3. Jon


    I learnt something new reading this. As someone who used to use hardware samplers like Akai and Emu samplers, I have recently been trying to decide which sampling program I will use next. I have heard of Maschine before but did even know that it was possible to get Hip Hop sampling kits for this product. Thanks for writing this, it was an interesting read.

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