Cassette Samples Volume 2 Turkman Souljahs OFFICIAL Sample Pack Maschine KitsDanish producer Turkman Souljah is back. Cassette Samples Vol. 2 has more fire than ever before. Handmade by Turkman Souljah, direct from his studio to yours. 843+ Custom One Shot Samples and Loops (all 100% royalty free), total size 575MB, MIDI Files for all loops included.

This sample pack is 100% all new material and handmade from scratch by Turkman Souljah using his vast collection of analog synths, tape machines, vintage mixers, outboard compressors and more. Giving you classic usable sounds – your new beats will blast until the neighbors call the cops.

While focus is on sample packs for Maschine, these samples are in wav format and will work with All major DAW’s including FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, GarageBand, Maschine, Studio One, Acid, Mac and Windows.

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What You Get:

  • 843+ Custom One Shot Samples and Loops (all 100% royalty free), total size 575MB
  • Unique Talkbox Samples recorded by Turkman Souljah
  • One Shot Vintage Stabs And Scratches
  • Fender Rhodes / Clav Samples
  • Analog Bass / Synth Leads Clean & Cassette Tape Versions (For Analog Warmth And Crunch)
  • Analog Keys & Synth Samples
  • Warm, Gritty Hip Hop Drum Samples
  • MIDI Files for all loops included
  • Huge Sub Basses / Analog Bass Loops
  • Drum Loops / Vintage Keys / Synth Loops and much much more.
  • HIGH QUALITY WAV FORMAT, Improving The Quality Of Your Beats
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD – Make Music Immediately!

No Risk:

If you don’t like this product for any reason The Producers Choice will exchange it for something else until you are happy or they will refund your money. It’s a NO Brainer. For a limited time only Get 46% Off  No Coupon Code: NEEDED.

More Info & Download Link:

—>>>> Turkman Souljah’s Cassette Samples Vol. 2  <<<<—-


Hip Hop Domination – 330 Drum Samples with a focus on the ‘sweet spot frequencies’ to allow the drums to cut through the mix with ease, this kit comes mixed to absolute perfection.

Maschine Bundle.  – Over 2GB all packed into one bundle!


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  1. Owain


    This sounds really cool. Turkman can really produce some great music. I see that they are in wav format though. Are they available as mo3 by any chance?

  2. Holly


    I love the simplicity of your website. The navigation of your website is easy. I like how you offer a sample with no obligations and that of someone does not like it you will find something they do like. I like how you headers are big and POP out. I absolutely love love love your pictures. They are bright and vibrant and eye catching. To be honest your pictures are the first thing I noticed! I wish you luck with your music!
    King regards

  3. Marley Dawkins


    Nice Greg, this Turkman Souljah Cassette Samples sounds like some raging fire to me, im definitely gona need the fans in full effect while im using this bad body in my room, because there is no doubt i will be working up a serious sweat banging out some sick beats, and with all the wide variety of samples and loops here i would be good to go for days 🙂

    I think the refund policy is solid too, and i like companies that do that – offer an alternative product and if your still not happy give you your money back – but seriously why would you not be happy?

    Great post!

    • Greg


      Thanks for the comment Marley. Yeah, they will replace the samples packs with others if you’re not happy. It’s a good offer.

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