843 One Shot & Loops by Truman Souljah Cassette Samples Vol 2 Fetured Image

Cassette Samples Volume 2 – Turkman Souljah’s OFFICIAL Sample Pack

Danish producer Turkman Souljah is back. Cassette Samples Vol. 2 has more fire than ever before. Handmade by Turkman Souljah, direct from his studio to yours. 843+ Custom One Shot Samples and Loops (all 100% royalty free), total size 575MB, MIDI Files for all loops included.

Organic Drums 22 Maschine Kits Over 1000 Samples + Loops

“Organic“ is a Hip Hop drum library by The Producers Choice. Analog processing ($60,000 of gear was used) for character, warmth, and depth and pro-studio character Breakthrough recording and processing techniques used to capture the “perfect” drum sound – helping prevent muddy low-frequency and harsh high-frequency build-up. Each sample precision hand-edited for perfect attacks and smooth decays….

330 Drum Samples Hip Hop Sample Pack Maschine, Logic, Fl Studio, Reason & many more

Hip Hop Domination is a Hip Hop sample pack kit from the Sounds in HD crew at The Producers Choice. Tama and Pearl drums were recorded into Protools using Audix D series mics, Avalon 737sp analog tube channel strip. With a focus on the ‘sweet spot frequencies’ to allow the drums to cut through the mix…

22 Preset Drum Kit Sample Pack for Maschine & Reason 1.14GB Hip Hop 0ne Shots

Survival is Hip Hop Sample Pack by The Producers Choice and Xclusive-Audio. Designed from the ground up to work quick with both Reason & NI Maschine/Mikro – but these hip hop/urban drum samples are also available in WAV format for use in ANY software/hardware. HERE ARE 10 REASONS WHY YOU WILL LOVE THE ‘SURVIVAL’ DRUM…