Maschine kits_NI_Maschine_Studio_Topview_TutorialsNative Instruments slashes prices $200 on it flagship hardware controller Maschine Studio. I’ve seen this too many times when Native Instruments and other companies drop prices of their products and release a new product shortly after. So is there a Maschine Studio Update Coming Soon?

We’ll keep an eye out, and keep you informed, but if I had to guess there will be a new Maschine Studio or related product out by June or July. I have a feeling there’s something already waiting in the wings to replace it!! In the meantime, you can still get a 20% nice discount with no Coupon code: Needed.

Maschine Studio Price Drop - Is there a Maschine Studio Update Coming Soon?

Is there a Maschine Studio Update Coming Soon?

Thoughts and Comments

Is there a new Maschine Studio product or something new altogether coming out?
What do you thing? What’s your favorite Maschine Studio accessories?
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  1. Mike


    Thanks for the information Greg. After reading your post, I know when I have the money, I’m going to buy a maschine.

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