Here’s a cool inexpensive sample pack from At just 99 cents it’s a no brainer. No COUPON CODE: Needed and first time Reverb users Get $10 towards their first purchase. (link below)

Reverb Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1 Ludwig Drum Kits Samples & Loops Blog Post ImageReverb Vintage Drum Samples Vol. 1

A collection of Blues and Rock drum loops and single hits recorded on vintage Ludwig drum kits. The recordings offer direct and room microphone perspectives at many different tempos produced by

Drum kits used in these recordings:
Ludwig Club Date
Ludwig Mod Orange
Ludwig Red Vistalites

Wav Files:

While‘s focus is on sample packs for Maschine, these samples are in wav format and will work with All major DAW’s including FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, GarageBand, Maschine, Studio One, Acid, Mac and Windows.

How we use it:

As a drum backing track for practice and songwriting or as the building blocks for new songs and productions.

Why it’s cool:

Recorded with vintage Ludwig kits in multiple grooves and tempos.


More Info & Download Link:

Not using yet? Get $10 towards your first purchase at

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Maschine Bundle.  – Over 2GB all packed into one bundle!

Hip Hop Domination – 330 Drum Samples with a focus on the ‘sweet spot frequencies’ to allow the drums to cut through the mix with ease, this kit comes mixed to absolute perfection.


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  1. MikeKiss87


    Hey, these are a no-brainer at 99 cents and thank you for adding the sample from SoundCloud. The samples sound great. Love that vintage sound.

  2. Paulina


    This is great! I hear a lot of good things about Reverb, they have awesome music gear.

  3. Azima jannat


    Thank you so much for this best idea. i have got more necessary information from your website

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